(6) Rubbing your palms together over each finger - left side

(6) Rubbing your palms together over each finger

Note: this motion is similar to what you would do if you were cold and wanted to briskly rub your hands together to warm them. First, ask the person if they have arthritis or any injuries to their joints and avoid any sore areas. If possible, have their elbow rest on the arm rest. Pick up their hand and then place their thumb between each palm. At this point, you are holding their hand up by the finger pressed between the palms of your hands. Begin slowly and gently rubbing your palms together so it causes a slight twisting motion on their finger. Increase pressure of your palms and speed and – make sure to ask the person receiving the massage how it feels as you increase speed and pressure. Start out slow, and increase to the degree that the receiver says feels good. Continue doing this for ~30 seconds. Repeat this technique for each finger.

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