Skills you will learn here

Brittany and Trevor originally were volunteers to model the training programs, we weren't expecting how it would impact their relationship.

While people find it obvious to study and gain skills for sports, hobbies, or work. Many never think about how learning skills for their intimate life can revolutionize the experience for their partner and themselves.
Even worse, many people get their “education” from watching pornography. While this can be arousing, it usually doesn’t reflect how actually fulfilling sexual relationships happen.

This isn't any type of "therapy" or anything like that, it's a way to learn easy techniques that will dramatically enhance your intimate experiences.

This program shows you practical skills that will help take your intimacy and relationship to new levels. It is provided in an easy, step by step system that allows you to master them one at a time.

Our process focuses on one skill at a time. Then it builds on each step. So with just a moment every day or so reviewing the lessons, you'll quickly develop skills that your partner (or future partner) will be amazed by.

These skills include:

  1. Unique techniques on how to touch your partner in sensual ways that will arouse them.
  2. How to read your partner's response and adapt to their needs.
  3. How to better understand what ways of communicating really affect your partner to make them feel cared for and loved?
  4. How to dramatically enhance your own sensual experience and enjoy feeling your partner touch you.
  5. How to give your partner an amazing hand massage.
  6. How to give your partner a sensual touch massage.
  7. How to appreciate the difference between arousal and desire.
  8. Ways to accept yourself and your own sex drive.
  9. Ways to accept your partner or future partners, self and sex drive.
  10. Ways to share your desires and fantasies with your partner, without being embarrassed.
  11. Ways to feel comfortable telling your partner what feels good, and what doesn’t.
  12. How to communicate with your partner about your intention behind being with them, and find out their intention. Also how to share if your, or their, intention changes during the experience. For instance, what could start as a non-sexual massage can stimulate a partner so they desire sexual activity, or the opposite can happen. These skills focus on ways to feel comfortable communicating this.
  13. Ways to gain confidence in your body, abilities and expressing your desires.
  14. Ways to accept your body as it is and think of yourself in a positive light.
  15. Ways to accept your partner’s body as it is – and find it sexy.
  16. Ways to make sure you ask and check for consent from your partner, and feel comfortable telling them if you want to do something or not.
  17. How to discover new fantasies and erotic experiences with your partner.
  18. How to compromise if you or your partner want to do something sexually the other doesn’t want to. Plus alternate ways to give your partner sensual and sexual pleasure they might enjoy even more.
  19. Practical ways to get better, deeper sleep, so you can enjoy all your experiences more.
  20. Foods and wellness techniques that can help improve your health, which often results in increased sex drive.
  21. How hi® and other products are just a “power tools” that help you amplify your intention of giving your partner pleasure.
  22. How the skills you learn here can be applied to mastering other sex toys.
  23. How women can use hi® for relaxation during PMS, etc., as well as intimate stimulation.
  24. How to use hi® for giving your partner some of the most amazing massages they’ve ever experienced.

The techniques become natural just following the program and practicing the exercises. Learning these skills are like riding a bicycle, once you have them you can use them the rest of your life.

Are you ready for an adventure of new experiences you and your partner will Love?

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